Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My Mom's Garden

Hey, I've missed you!!!

I took this picture at my Mom's house. No, I have no idea where I got my love of gardening from, either. In this bed she has bachelor's buttons, larkspur, perennial snapdragon, bluebells, hollyhocks, and daisy's. And this is just one of many! It was so beautiful, I just wish my camera was a better one, this picture doesn't do it justice.

I have been canning jam- I made 12 pints and 6 half-pints of cherry, and 3 pints and 3 half pints of strawberry. Jeff and I decided that strawberry jelly is cheap, and frozen strawberries are not. So we made mostly frozen strawberries with sugar. I have even made five bags of cherries with sugar- each with four cups of cherries and ready for a pie. The garden is looking good, we even have a few green tomatoes! The farmer that owns the other half of our block did plow up a spot and we tilled it and planted his corn seed. We planted something like 15 or 16 sixty foot rows. Even after sharing we should have plenty for the freezer.


Sherry at the Zoo said...

You've been busy! Canning is something that I have never done, but I am so interested in learning. Maybe this will be the year.

Nickie said...

I've missed you too!!

I made strawberry jam as well, but it didn't set....So I guess I have strawberry syrup LOL!