Monday, July 7, 2008

A roof-top view, number two

Jeff had to climb onto the roof to measure for the impending roof repair, so I thought I would get a picture or three. It would have been interesting if I had taken a picture in the same spot every two weeks from early spring to fall, but maybe that could be a thought for next year.
I really need to get a better camera sometime, these really don't do it justice. The black-eyed susans are beautiful, and the weather has been so mild the bachelor buttons are still blooming up a storm. The hibiscus are starting to bloom, and them and the purple cone flowers are loving the heat we are finally getting.

Yes, I actually use the clothes line. I can't see why more people don't use them, it's FREE. Anyway, we're getting enough eggs right now to sustain us, and have extra. Actually, four of the chickens will be spending a little time at the 4-H fair in town this week. I will post pictures later this week. I have four in 4-H, and all will be entering flowers (along with other entries), those who haven't seen my yard should really wonder about it, huh?
I have been picking okra, a few squash and zucchini, some green beans, and quite a few tomatoes. I haven't had enough green beans to can again, but I have had enough to fix another big pressure cooker full of beans and potatoes and bacon. I have been picking blackberries, and have enough to make Jeff a blackberry pie, but he decided he'd rather me make a batch of blackberry jam instead.

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Anonymous said...

I love the pictures, your place looks great. It sounds like you are staying very busy as usual. It is great to have our computer up and running again, thanks to my sweety, Roxi. Have a great day.