Monday, August 11, 2008

Finally, an update!!

My Love-Lies-Bleeding in bloom.
Can you believe it? I actually had a little time to post. You have no idea how amazing that is to me. I would like to say that I have been busy canning and keeping the garden very weed-free, but that is simply not true. Emily has gone from taking two naps to taking one nap, and the kids keep waking her from that one! Last year she contently played in a play pen on the back porch while I weeded, not so this year. Two seconds and she's half across the yard headed for who knows what. I picked up my 17-year-old at the airport on Saturday after a summer with his Dad, and on Sunday when he looked out the back door for the first time all he could say was "ah Mom!" with a very sad tone. I have failed as a gardener this year. Oh well, we had trips to the park and pool, and hot afternoons slipper sliding on the water slide thing in the yard. We took bike rides and had water fights. And somehow we made it to the end of the summer vacation with no trips to the emergency room. Well, I did with Jeff once, I guess, but that was for a horrible, horrible rash like I have never seen. But the kids are all intact, and I am somewhat sane. School starts on Thursday, I hope to get all the gardens weeded, one at a time, before frost.

This rose is one of those that got planted and apparently was very happy with her placement. This rose grew amazingly fast, and blooms up a storm. Every end of this bush has a couple of blooms on it.

I tilled the garden to start a fall crop, but didn't get anything planted, and now I'm glad I didn't. A million weeds are coming up, and instead of weeding I can wait until it dries out (it rained) and simply till again. It will be too late for more green beans and corn, but maybe some lettuce, cabbage, and a ton a spinach will do.

I grew this. Well these, because there are several around the garden. Have no idea what they are, but they were supposed to be asters. I started them from seed, and after planting them in the bed they grew very, very tall. I wondered all summer, and now I know the truth, these are not what they were supposed to be. I don't particularly like them, so very soon I will have to cut them out.

Nikki, I hate to tell you this, but the vine borers got most of my pumpkins plants. And the ones that they left either aren't blooming or aren't getting pollinated. I will have to do some research on what to do to prevent the borers before next year. If anybody has any ideas, do share.


Anonymous said...

It was good to see your post. My garden got completely out of hand this year. It just rained and rained so much this spring and the weeds took everything over fast. Roxi tried so hard to salvage it but it was no use, it was to late. So I am going to plant a little lettuce and a few radishes and call it good for this year. I was told several years ago that to help control vine borers, take large coffee cans with the bottome cut out and bury it about half way with your plant inside if it. I don't know if it works, I never tried it. Maybe you can try it next year and see what happens.Anyway, glad to read your post.

Nickie said...

christine, you and I are in the same boat with borers it seems :( I may have to use pesticides next year. Makes me sad. They were so bad every joint in the pumpkin plants had borer magots in them. The chickens had a blast eatting the borers when I was putlling the plants, but thats the only good that came from that.

Diana said...

Christine - don't beat yourself up. Sounds like you had a great summer and that's so important. We came back from two different vacations to weeds everywhere and I felt so deflated. But 2 weeks later I have it back almost under control, and it feels good, but I didn't have to kill myself to do it. One bed at a time and they all got done. One more to go for me. Have a great first day of school and enjoy the day to (almost) yourself!