Saturday, August 23, 2008

The garden of weed'in

Wow, and I was actually really trying to get a picture without that stupid ladder in it. Oh well. This is Jeanne Lajoie miniature climbing rose, and it is starting it's fall show, which promises to be a fabulous one. I haven't fastened it to the post yet, thinking I would get the post painted this summer before I did. Shut up, I really have tried!!
This is my orange Butterfly Weed, and it so happens to be surrounded by that purple leafed plant that is an annual, but reseeded so badly this year that I have pulled and pulled and pulled it out. Huuuummmm, I really need to remove the rest before it goes to seed this year, don't I?
I have weeded a lot, and I'm not sure you could tell. It has been a really bad year for weeds here, with all the rain we've gotten and all. I had the kids help try to get the strawberry beds in control, and they are looking pretty good. The vegetable garden is bad where the melons are, but they're done, so I'm just going to mow it down and till it all under. I'm picking tomatoes, okra, and peppers every day, though. I take two bucket with me to pick so I can separate the good from the bad, and the chickens wait for me at the door for the bad to be thrown into the pen. It's rather funny to watch them all run and fight over it all. I also throw the weeds in their pen, which they love. Can I use that as the excuse for my overgrown flower beds? Yeah, I was doing it for the chickens!!


Diana said...

So nice that none of your veggies go to waste. I throw my periodically bird-pecked tomatoes over our privacy fence into a wild area and hope that birds find them, but you know yours are going to good use. Won't work for us, though, since we just adopted that chicken-chasing/killing dog! (My early Aug. posts!)

Anonymous said...

Glad to see your post and here that you are all doing well there at your place. It is a tough job to try and keep up with the weeds that seem to go along with gardening. I am ashamed to say so but the weeds completely took my garden over and choked everything out. I hate it but I just didn't have time to work in it this spring, I was still building grain bins at that critical time. But next year I plan on doing things alot different. I see you have a brick patio also, we have one but quite a bit smaller than yours, my wife Roxi built ours. Well gald to hear from you, talk to you again.
Bill Hamilton

Cowgirl_66214 said...

I have just stumbled upon your blog--I am enjoying it.

Rhodes Creations said...

Just thought I'd stop by to let you know I'm having a garden link party at my blog and would love for you to visit! Blessings, Laura